Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Once I recorded a record.
I asked someone to release it, and they said yes.
Then, for one reason or another, they said no.
Then, I asked someone else, and they said yes.
Then, for some reason or some other, it didn't seems to come through.
Then, I sent it to another person, but they didn't seem to think much about it.
However, they liked the b side.
Further, I sent it to yet another.
Forward, they decided to pass.
Finally, someone knocked at the door.
Fantastic, a home for the record.
Fortunately, they were on board with the plan.
Fifty were released, but I never received one.
In fact i've never even seen one.
Then, he disappeared, and the record is likely lost with him.
Here's a song off it.
It's a bit out of date.
The unanswerable question has been answered.
Glad I could help.

Lonely Wholesome, Who Killed Anna?

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