Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dancing Kings and Queens

For the moment of coordination to have arrived, when ones limbs can move independently of one another, is a great gift. Some people use it to their advantage, and some use it to please themselves. I may have reigned in the flail enough to keep time, but I don't think i'll ever learn to move like them. I guess i'll have to dance, then, on my own.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


After nearly 4 years of deliberating, Career Suicide has finally reached an accord and have properly released the Cherry Beach e.p. With the exception of "Double Life," the four songs that appear on this record have been written for what feels like an eternity. Whatever the last song on this record is called (shows what I know) is so old, it's first iteration was committed to tape in the same session that produced the split 12" with Jed Whitey. Now that's old! That session also produced a shimmering Real Kids inspired powerpop song that I can only assume is permanently lost. Jazzmasters, Telecasters, Marashalls, and HiWatts were used. If you can crack the mountain of insanity that is the archive at Audoilab Studios in Toronto, perhaps you should find it and bootleg it.

Moving on, this record was originally released in very limited quantity to coincide with our UK/Ireland tour in 2008. A very storied summer indeed, and actually, one of the best CS tours ever, if not one of the most fun i've been on, period. So to update and make relevant the reproduction of our past efforts, we re-recorded the two songs that appeared there, included two new ones, and did the whole thing up in an actual studio with the Master of Loudness himself, Jon Drew. One of these tunes (same on that was demo'd during the JW session) is definitely a different feel than we're used to and has been through many comparative strokes. I think I originally wrote it to sound a bit like "I Don't Wanna Go Out" by Australia's X crossed with Wire but has thus been referred to as:

-Sex Pistols Song
-Rap Song
-Anarcho Song
-Killing Joke Bridge


It's an honour to work with Dirtnap, and a pleasure knowing that these old-arse tunes finally have a good home.

Go to to check out a track, or visit the Dirtnap Records website to get more info.


Hey Toronto,

We're giving you the opportunity to support 2 great local record stores that have been really good to us over the years...

We just got a mystery shipment from Dirtnap records of red vinyl editions of the Cherry Beach EP. We're not sure how many were pressed, but there can't be many (we'll post on here when we sort it out)... to make things even more stupidly rare, we numbered 6 of the red vinyl records and split them between Hits and Misses and Rotate This.

The records are available right now at the stores, BUT you need to spend at least $25 at one of the shops to get to buy the red vinyl Cherry Beach EP. Yeah, we know record store day was last month, but screw Hallmark holidays! Also, we're a bit slow and didn't think of this until now.

So, go buy some records... then ask them for a copy of the "red vinyl" Cherry Beach EP (which should be 6.99 and waiting for you behind the counter). First come, first served ...1 per customer, yadda yadda, gabba gabba hey!

Hits and Misses: 799 Queen St West
Rotate This: 801 Queen Street West

Career Suicide